Connecting with the Universe – Intuitive Readings

Hi Beautiful Soul,

I met you either at the Dark Night event at The Marriott hotel in Grand Cayman or you might have signed up for my newsletter some time ago or you are part of my community on my Facebook page.

It was great meeting you in person and it was a pleasure to teach and remind you about the importance of “Connecting with the Universe/Angels” to manifest your dreams, intentions and how to bring more love, joy, prosperity and peace into your life.

As well as the intuitive readings with the use of oracle cards (the tool/instrument) that reminded/confirmed/nudged you about the next step to take on your path to living a fulfilling life with greater success and miracles. Or maybe you learnt something totally new to explore further.

Four (4) Reasons to Connect with the Universe/Angels:

1) It reminds you that you are a Divine Being (Special) and you are not alone.
2) It allows you to get to know yourself on a deeper level, stimulates awareness about your soul/true self, which allows for self growth.
3) You are co-creating your best fulfilling life, in partnership with a Divine powerful loving energy.
4) It creates more success in your life, personally and professionally in your career or being an entrepreneur by allowing you to be fearless.

If you would like to book an intuitive reading/session with me, to learn how to work with the energies affecting you, so that you can co-create your most powerful future right now.
You can have it in person, virtually on the telephone or Skype.
Email me: or send me a message/PM on my Facebook page (link below) or call or text: 345-916-3690

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Thank you,
Infinite love and gratitude,

P.S. – If you are living anywhere that is affected by flooding, hurricanes, forest fires or an earthquake, I am sending you Love, Light and Blessings. Remember to call on Universe/God/Angels/Mother Earth to protect and keep you and your family safe (choose the name for your higher power that you prefer).


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