5 Days to More Gratitude and Miracles

Witness the daily practice that leads to living a fulfilling life.

Connect with your inner-self and experience more miracles

The Sunrise Gratitude Journal will help you:


Create quiet time for yourself in the morning


Learn how to be in the present moment


Develop your sacred practice/time for devotion


Deepen your connection to your inner voice


Deepen your connection to God/Universe/Source/Spirit/Angels


Create more miracles in your life


Invoke your abundant and prosperous energy


Realize and appreciate all of the good things in your life

Change Your Life by Changing the first 5 minutes of Your Day

This journal will help you to begin your day with purpose by developing your sacred practice through meditation, writing and inspirational reading, which invokes the energy of love and light.

Begin Your Day with Purpose

The Sunrise Gratitude journal has inspirational quotes and exercises to help you invoke your abracadabra.


I am Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive. I created The Sunrise Journal to help you to start your day with making time for meditation, devotion and setting an intention. I want to give these 5 days away as a gift because I want you to deepen your connection with yourself and Source; so that you can invoke the energy of gratitude to experience more miracles your life.

Ready to experience a more fulfilling life?

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