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A new week brings us a new message from the Universe! Please know that whenever this message comes to you is the exact moment it was meant to enter your life. Find peace in the fact that the Universe is already bringing you all you need with divine timing.

Now is the time to take a moment to just be with yourself. Clear your mind and feel your spirit within your body. Close your eyes and breathe with me. Inhale while we hold, and exhale to release.

As your body relaxes and your mind calms, go ahead and connect with your intuition. Ask the Universe for guidance if there is a question weighing on your heart. Allow your intuition to guide you to the card the Universe has chosen for you. Number 1, 2, or 3.

Got it? Now let us see what the Universe wants you to know…

Card #1 – Harness the natural cycles of the universe. Learn more about yourself by studying your birth chart. Embrace your personal strengths. Are you familiar with your birth chart and astrological placements? Now is the perfect time to dive in and explore yourself more. Even if you already know your placements reviewing and digging in deeper may unlock new information for you and help you better understand yourself.

Card #2 – It’s time to come out of hiding and be the radiant light you were born to be. Don’t be afraid to shine brightly! Have you been dulling your shine recently? Now is the time to put an end to that! Don’t let your self-doubt or fears of what others may think to keep you from going after what you want. You were meant to shine and the Universe is on your side!

Card #3 – Take some time to rest, relax, and connect with nature. Breath and be still. Allow mother earth to cleanse and recharge your energy. The Universe wants you to ground yourself this week. Stepping out into nature is the perfect way to do that. Inhale the fresh air, feel the warm sun on your skin and enjoy the beauty our planet has to offer. You will feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on this new month.

Remember, the Universe is already bringing you the most beautiful of gifts. Stay grateful in the present moment and watch the Universe transform your life.

If you would like to connect with the Universe daily my Universe Oracle Card Deck is available to purchase. Each card in this deck is a gateway through which you can directly connect with different aspects of the Universe, such as the angels and archangels, ascended masters, spirit animals, crystals, planets, and more.

I intend to remind you that you are never alone on your journey, that you are loved, guided, and supported, and that you are always connected to the infinite abundance this Universe has to offer.

Use the Connecting with the Universe Oracle Cards for daily inspiration or whenever you have a specific question about your life’s journey.

Love and Light – Keysha