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Let’s discuss worry. If I had a penny for the variety of instances in my life I’ve both uttered some mixture of the phrases, ‘I’m scared…,’ or, thought them to myself, all while sporting my ‘courageous face’ – I’d be a really rich woman.

Whether or not we wish to admit it, worry is a big part of who we’re as people. And, for good cause. The battle of our fight or flight response and worry is organic. We’re designed to look after ourselves to feel safe and protected.

The fact is – our relationship with worry dictates how we live our lives. Whether or not we understand it, it’s worry that helps us determine whether or not to rise up within the morning or keep holed up within the cocoon that’s our blankets. Our relationship with worry, in the end, will affect all areas of our life and possibly hold us back from our highest potential.

Since worry has a hand in almost every resolution we make, it’s no surprise it paralyzes us in most instances. But, what’s it about worry that may make us really feel so trapped?

Here are 3 Reasons that worry makes us feel strapped:


Worry Stops Us from Rising

Although a wholesome relationship with worry can really assist us to develop, an overabundance of worry can make us feel stuck. Just like the act of damming a river, it stops the movement of development. People are naturally curious – we are supposed to be taught, in order that we could develop bodily, mentally, and spiritually. By letting worry prevent you from taking a course, asking a question, or, talking/reaching out to somebody, you’re stunting your  growth and development.

It Sucks the Pleasure Out of Life

Life is meant to be enjoyable. We’re right here to get pleasure from our associates, household, our work, and the experiences we get to have every day. Worry can prevent us from having fun in these areas of life. Once we’re afraid, we’re occupied with the potential for a consequence taking place, sooner or later. With this mindset, we will not be living in the present moment of pleasure, but we will be consumed with negative emotions.

It Retains Us from Totally Dwelling

Worry is the ‘greatest’ excuse on the earth. We are saying it again and again, each to ourselves in addition to different folks, ‘I can’t do x, y, z as a result of I’m frightened of a, b, c.’ We regularly encourage youngsters to work by way of their fears. Nonetheless, as adults, we grow to be complacent, accepting our fears as part of who we’re. And, whereas in some instances that’s good – I’d by no means advocate leaping right into a pond filled with crocodiles if that scares you (and, it ought to) – when a worry of flying stops you from taking that journey to Italy you’ve always dreamed of, you’re depriving your self of an experience that may change your life.

So, now you’re most likely questioning – if worry is an ever-present part of our lives, what can we do about it? How can we get un-stuck?

Step one is to acknowledge your fears – no matter what they might be – and to embrace them. It’s okay to be afraid. Keep in mind, you’re in good company – all of us have fears.

Subsequently, determine what you really need. Remember to take worry, cash, obligations, and so forth out of the equation. If there was completely nothing holding you back, what would you do?

Then, cliché as it might be – JUST DO IT! You must simply do it – even if you begin with crawling, with baby steps. Do one thing at a time, this will also help you feel less overwhelmed. Whether or not it’s making a to do list, making an appointment, sending an e-mail, performing some analysis, having a dialog with somebody – simply do one thing! Each motion, no matter how small, will get you nearer to attaining your goal.