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People are talking about “the new normal” quite a bit lately. They’re wondering about it and are asking what it will be like. The answer to that is simple and obvious. It will be whatever you choose it to be.

Since 1987 we humans have been empowered to create our own life and our own world. An event occurred that year which was entitled The Harmonic Convergence. During this event the entire collective of the spiritual intelligence of humanity chose to become sovereign, thus taking on our own power. We were given free choice which was protected by a Universal Law of non-interference. No longer would we be at the mercy of other intelligences regarding our life here on planet Earth. We thus had the power with which we could create our world however we wished with no interference from other beings, such as those we called Spirit Guides, Angels, and the like.

This was and continues to be an experiment unknown anywhere else in the Universe. We humans are the first species to experience the empowerment of living by free choice.

So far it’s been a difficult journey, as we carefully learn how to navigate our world without continual assistance and guidance from what we call “higher beings”. At first there was great rejoicing on the planet, but then reality began to sift down into our awareness. We realized that we had no idea how to use this newfound power of freedom of choice. We cried out that our guides and angels and abandoned us, which was only partially true. They were still aware of us and watching us, but were banned from assisting us without our express request. The first lesson had arrived: we had to learn how to ask specifically for the assistance we wished.

Still, as is our habit, we give our power and our authority to others. We continue, as a species, to look to other humans to tell us what to do, how to act, and what to think and believe.

To compound the difficulty of learning a new way of being, another event is occurring now that strongly affects us on Earth. It’s called the Precession of the Equinox and the energy of its astrological influence is shifting from male energy to female energy. This does not mean power will shift from men to women. It means the energy is shifting from male to female. Think of male energy as aggressive, outgoing, competitive, active, destructive. Female energy is passive, receptive, cooperative, restful, constructive.

So here we are, at the crux of a major shift for humanity. This is a time to be asking yourself and not others what your “new normal” will be.

You are empowered to create the “new normal” as you wish it to be. If you continue to enjoy being addicted to fear then you will continue to create things that generate fear within you. However, if you choose to shift into the opposite of fear, to that which is love, and live your life from that aspect, you will create a world free of fearsome things. It is your choice. But you must own your power, not give it away to other people or things. It’s called “being responsible for yourself and your actions”. For what you do, think, and feel, both personally and collectively, is creating your world.

Here are some examples of what you can do to encourage the creation of a “new normal” of love and free of fear:

1. Choose how you envision your ideal “new normal”. What do you imagine your “new normal” is going to look like? With your inner vision, how do you see yourself responding and reacting as you go about your daily chores, work, business duties? What do you see yourself doing? If you see yourself and others keeping distance from each other then this is what you are contributing toward creating in your future. However, if you envision people happily greeting each other with big hugs, holding hands as they walk along, and other such loving scenes, then you are contributing to that reality. Before the presidential election we just experienced, I kept visioning Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the White House steps, holding hands which were raised in joyous victory, big smiles on their faces. After the election I saw a huge picture of them on the front page of the Seattle Times. They had masks on, were the requisite six feet apart, and weren’t holding hands, but they were on the White House steps and I could see the smiles in their eyes.

2. Choose your thoughts. Now more than ever it is of vital importance that you are careful about what you choose to think. Yes, you can choose your thoughts. Remember that beliefs are created by the repetition of a specific thought. And as Mike Dooley (tut.com) says, “Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones.” Every thought you think has energy which radiates outward. Energy is attracted to like/kind energy. So whatever you think, you attract to yourself. Choose to think about the world you truly want to live in and you’ll be aiding it in becoming manifest.

3. Choose your words. What you say and how you say it affects everyone within hearing range – and that includes yourself. Do you speak of fearful things, dire circumstances, frightening futures and scary could-bes? Sound can be used to create or destroy. Remember that fear is a destructive energy and love is a constructive energy. Only with love can you create. It will behoove you to use words of love as you wish to create a “new normal” that’s free of fear.

4. Choose your emotions. You have the power to choose what you want to feel emotionally. You are not a victim of your emotions. The most effective and quickest way to shift from an emotion that contributes to creating a fearful “new normal” is to examine your thoughts about what’s causing the emotion. Then choose a new thought about it and you’ll find yourself experiencing new emotions – ones that are contributing to a higher, less fearful and more love-filled “new normal”. As an example, I was at a pharmacy one time and the pharmacist was very abrupt and hostile toward me. I felt angry and hurt at his treatment of me. A few days later I had occasion to be in that same pharmacy and the pharmacist came over to me and apologized for his behavior. He explained that he had just received news that his wife had incurable cancer. My anger toward him instantly shifted to sadness and sympathy for him. That experience awakened me to the fact of how quickly my thoughts about the incident completely changed my emotions about it. So now when I’m treated badly by a clerk or other stranger, I tell myself that they must have some difficulty in their life and instantly I feel compassion (a form of love) for them.

5. Choose your actions. What you do is the most powerful statement you can broadcast in this Third Dimensional world. For example, during the flu pandemic do you wait around for the government to release a vaccine in order to feel protected from the virus? Or do you change your diet to one that’s healthier in order to strengthen your immune system? Waiting for the government to fix your problems is putting yourself in victim stance – a very weak position to say the least. Additionally, it’s anti-everything about The Harmonic Convergence and personal empowerment. We, the collective of humanity, chose to become sovereign, to use our power of choice. This means that in all things we choose to be responsible, to act in a responsible manner in the best interests of ourselves and all concerned. Now is the time to look at how you can improve your lifestyle in order to keep your body healthy. If your immune system is strong, your chances of becoming ill are minimized. In truth, fear actually weakens your body’s immune system.

Now is the time that all of humanity, each one of you, must consciously choose all that you think, say, feel, and do. Only by doing so will you create the “new normal” you’d love to have. The alternative is to allow others to create the “new normal” in their vision and you’ll just have to live with their version of the future.

What do you choose?

Added: by Keysha Angel
Spiritual Life Coaching