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What is a spiritual growth mindset?

A spiritual growth mindset is one that is attained when a person devotes themselves to the growth of their spiritual betterment. It is a mindset that keeps you open to learning about new aspects of spirituality, ways you can improve yourself, and ways you can feel more connected to yourself and to the world around you.

Those of you who like learning new things, are seeking answers, other perspectives, and new experiences will find it easy to slip into this spiritual growth mindset.

You feel comfortable navigating the direction of your spiritual path and understand how to deepen your connection with God/Spirit and the Universe in partnership to grow and develop and Spiritual being having a human experience.

If you are someone who is set in your ways or has a “fixed” mindset you may have a bit more trouble shifting these thoughts. However, you have the power to change this fixed mindset!

Putting in a conscious effort to assess your thoughts and mindset will allow you to check-in with yourself and shift your mindset from fixed to one of being open to spiritual growth.