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The idea of a spiritual awakening has been around for centuries and noted in many different cultures. It is the time before you fully embark on your spiritual journey when you are still figuring it all out. It is that moment when it just “clicks” for you and you’re ready to discover more about yourself and the Universe.

For some, this comes due to a dramatic or even traumatic moment in their life. For others, the feeling seems to appear out of thin air.

This is why I put together these 6 signs that you may be going through a spiritual awakening!

1- You have a strong yearning to understand what your life purpose is and wanting to make difference in the world.
2- You feel more drawn to nature.
3- Your dreams are more vivid.
4- You have increased empathy.
5- You have a desire to feel connected to others and the world.
6- You are experiencing more synchronicities and seeing Angel numbers.

Have you been experiencing any of these signs? You may be experiencing a spiritual awakening!