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Rose Reiki Session

Do you want to amplify your Goddess energy?

Rose Reiki is useful whenever a boost of self-love, self-esteem, self-worth, and rose radiance is needed. It helps to remind the recipient of their inner beauty.

Benefits of Rose Reiki:

  • To boost your self-love
  • To release anger and sadness and transform it into love
  • Healing your Divine feminine energy
  • Increase your self esteem
  • For womb blessings & radiance to bring healing to the womb (whether to birth a child or new project, releasing stuck trauma)
  • To reduce anxiety and stress
  • To feel more calm and relaxed
  • To invoke compassion for yourself and others

Tune into the Divine Feminine

This beautiful Reiki energy embodies the Divine Feminine Ray of the Rose. It is held and overlit by the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Divine Feminine Archetype as embodied by:

  • Mother Mary 
  • Mary Magdalene 
  • Quan Yin 
  • Aphrodite 
  • Isis
  • Lady Nada 

Healing For All

The delicate Rose energy is wonderful for womb radiance and womb blessings – basically for everything feminine when the Divine Feminine ray is needed in the purest of forms. However it is not exclusively for females. Gentlemen may also receive Rose Reiki and can also benefit tremendously from receiving the healing.

The Rose Reiki carries the beauty of the delicate Rose fragrance, you may be aware of this during your session. This wonderful and empowering form of Reiki is available via distance as well as in person.

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    Discover the beniefits of Rose Reiki for yourself. Connect with me here to schedule your session. *Can be combined with an Oracle Reading as well 


    I had the pleasure of receiving a Rose Reiki treatment and Oracle card reading from Keysha in November 2020. I found it to be pleasant and subtle which left me feeling relaxed and refreshed. Keysha has a kind positive attitude which made me feel comfortable and welcomed.

    Samara P.

    Cayman Islands

    Thank you Keysha for the beautiful Rose Reiki and reading. 
    I felt calm and relaxed after the Rose Reiki treatment.
    I gained clarity with the Oracle card reading.
    A few weeks later there are some parts of the reading that still resonate. It was an insightful evening. You are light.
    Jaslyne Bridges

    Cayman Islands