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Universe Oracle Cards


Universe Oracle Cards

44 standard oracle size cards + box + instructions.
Please allow approximately 2–3 weeks for production + shipping as these cards are currently printed on demand.

The Connecting with the Universe deck was created by Keysha Angel, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher, and Intuitive. On her own journey, she has found that consciously deepening her relationship with Source has been key to creating a life filled with purpose, joy, miracles, and soulful abundance. Therefore, she has felt inspired to create this deck as a tool to help you connect with the Universe in an easy, fun, and intuitive way Each card in this deck is a gateway through which you can directly connect with different aspects of the Universe, such as the angels and archangels, ascended masters, spirit animals, crystals, planets, and more. It is Keysha’s intention to remind you that you are never alone on your journey, that you are loved, guided, and supported, and that you are always connected to the infinite abundance this Universe has to offer. Use the Connecting with the Universe Oracle Cards for daily inspiration or whenever you have a specific question about your life's journey.


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