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Pick a Card

Ask the universe for a message! Pick a card for the day, or receive a more in-depth reading using the 3-card spread.


First, create some quiet time for yourself. Take a few deep breaths and center yourself. (You are creating a clean slate. Envision a white board and seeing it clear and clean.)

Secondly, say a few words/a prayer to connect to the Universe/Source/Higher Power or simply connect to being grateful, saying an affirmation or thought. For example: “I remember to be grateful today.”

Ask the universe for a message!

Ask open ended questions. For example: What do I need to be aware of today? What do I need to know about staying in alignment with my highest good today? What do I most need to know about “xyz”? What do I need to change? What do I need to know about this relationship? What limiting belief do I need to let go in order to manifest my desire?

Once you’ve asked your question, click above to reveal your card. This is your answer from the universe.

Take some time to contemplate the answer.

Close your reading by giving thanks for the messages and blessings received today.

Close your eyes, ask a question, then click below to reveal your card!