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The full 30 days + audio is the best way to build a habit of beginning each day with intention and purpose by expressing and meditating on what you are grateful for in your life. The practice of expressing gratitude, will ignite the “abracadrabra in your life which will result in miracles and blessings. It takes 21 days to make a habit, and i’ll be with you for the next 30 days as you deepen your connection to yourself, the Universe/Source.

Make time for your self care by deepening your gratitude and meditation practice

The Sunrise Journal Bundle contains the gratitude exercises and affirmations I have used for my self care and to deepen gratitude and meditation practice.

Take Action, Grow Your Spiritual Practice

Taking action and committing to a sacred/spiritual practice is how you grow and create a positive and fulfilling life. Use this simple way by making time for you and committing to your daily practice.

100% Action, 100% Stress Free

Access the Sunrise Journal and read inspirational quotes, do the daily exercises, create a positive start to your day, deep your meditation practice

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Positive affirmations are simple yet powerful tools to help you create the happy, healthy life you want to lead. To affirm means “to declare positively that something is true.” A positive affirmation is a statement asserting that the goal you wish to achieve is already happening.

I’ve included this positive affirmation guide because affirmations are an important part of your Spiritual Practice, and I want to make sure you are using affirmations in a way that will be effective and powerful for you.

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Even Oprah, one of the world’s wealthiest women, begins her day with gratitude & prayer.

About Keysha



Keysha Angel is a Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive, Author and Speaker. She is passionate about teaching others about self love/self care (inspiring confidence), forgiveness and helping people heal from their wounds.

She’s worked with hundreds of women to help them create successful lives by teaching them how to tap into their intuition by remaining open and curious about life; to grow their spiritual practice through using metaphysical principles and to let go hurtful situations to birth something beautiful.

She believes the power of your uniqueness, is one of your greatest gifts. She enjoys encouraging women to work daily on cultivating their self love, using their voice, and being more compassionate and loving to themselves and others.

When she’s not helping her clients create their best version of themselves and a positive fulfilling life, she can be found doing yoga, relaxing on the beach, Netflixing or traveling.

Your fulfilling life, flowing with miracles, is waiting for you

Create a routine that helps you build a more fulfilling life by using the The Sunrise Journal Bundle

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