NEW: Pick a card from the Connecting with the Universe deck! Pick a Card

Take a moment to clear your mind…

Now close your eyes and breath, allowing yourself to just be in this moment.

Inhale and hold. Exhale and release.

Now it’s time to focus on the numbers 1, 2, and 3. Following your intuition to pick the number you’re drawn to. Slide through to your card and receive your guidance from my Connecting with the Universe Oracle Card Deck!

For a deeper explanation of your card’s message continue reading below…


Card 𝟣 – When you begin to seek more in your life, stop to reflect on all of the abundances you already have first. Showing gratitude for all you already possess cues the Universe into knowing you are ready for more. Focusing on the good allows more good to come your way!


Card 𝟤 – Your guides, angels, and the Universe are guiding you all the time. Are you picking up on these messages? Take note of any synchronicities, or possible signs that come your way this week. You are being led to your deepest desires, now you just have to take notice!


Card 𝟥 – This week is all about taking your power back. Remember that you are strong, dependable, and have a fire within you. The world wants to see your gifts and now is the time to share them! Step up this week by taking on a leadership role, even just to lead yourself to your highest path.

Feel free to share what card you picked and how it resonates with you!