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Today I am finally sharing my manifestation secrets!

Manifestation is an incredible tool you can use to shape your life to your custom desires. It is the act of energetically embodying what we want which in turn will put us into situations where we can take action to create the life of our dreams!

Manifestation is what I have used to bring me a beautiful and fulfilling life. The ability to work from a gorgeous island, my amazing son, my wonderful husband, and so much more!

Are you ready to start being the creator of your own reality? The power is already within you. All you have to do now is use it!

Step 1 – Getting Clear On What You Want
In order for the Universe to bring you whatever you’re trying to manifest you must get clear on what it is you want. For example, say you want to increase your income. Simply manifesting “more money” isn’t as helpful as getting really clear and detailed about what you want. Instead, try “I received a 10% raise for the great job I do at work.” Or “I have attracted 5 new clients for my business”. The clearer you are the easier it is for the Universe to say “yes”!

Step 2 – Visualize Yourself There
Something that may help with getting more detailed about your manifestation is visualization and journaling. This is another important step in the process. Spend time visualizing yourself as if you already have what you’re trying to manifest. Journal out a detailed description of your life as if your manifestation has already come to fruition. Be sure to always visualize and write about your manifestation as if it is already yours.

Step 3 – Embody The Feeling Your Manifestation Will Bring You
Just like with visualizing and writing you also want to feel as if your manifestation has already happened. How will your reality feel once you get your desires? Start feeling and doing things that make you feel that way now. This helps you become an energetic match for those desires!

Step 4 – Take Action
Next, you want to take action steps towards what it is you would like to manifest. I recommend you make a list of things that you need to do that will help towards manifesting your goal.

Step 5 – Let The Universe Do It’s Thing
Once you have brought yourself up to an energetic match for what you’re trying to manifest and you have taken your action steps, it’s time to step back. You want this process to flow with ease. That won’t happen if you’re constantly wondering and worrying about when your manifestation will come.

Remember that sometimes the Universe might not bring exactly what you want, but most times what we manifest is for our highest good and the Universe knows what is best for us. Have faith in the Universe, yourself, and watch miracles occur!