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Facing the challenges of life is never easy, especially when it seems that they are piling up one after another. However, there are many successful people who have managed to overcome their personal challenges with the help of a life coach. From managers to artists to entrepreneurs and even notable athletes have hired life coaches to help them face and overcome the challenges in their lives.

Wingwave coaching is part of what a life coach brings to help people face the difficult struggle of work and home life so that they can reach their full potential. Today, this unique form of coaching is now available to many people who want to get the most out of their talents and reach their goals in life.

What is Wingwave Coaching?

First developed in the 1990s, it is a type of coaching designed to actually help people get in touch with their past experiences or bad emotional responses to potential future events. The goal is to properly identify what is holding you back and then overcoming it using relatively simple, but effective techniques.

The ultimate goal of this short term coaching program is to help you get in touch with your emotions so you can identify and change your outlook. With no more fear of the future, your talents and abilities will now have no mental barriers in keeping you from realizing your dreams.

This is a form of coaching which combines three different aspects;

– Wake REM Phases

– Neuro Linguistic Programming

– Short Term Interventions based on Behavioural Therapy

– Muscle Testing

Despite appearances, this is not a form of psychotherapy or a cure for mental illnesses. Instead, this is for people in good mental health who have placed subliminal blocks on their conscious that is preventing them from achieving their full potential.

How Wingwave Coaching Works for You

The Wingwave coach will use specific hand movements in front of the person who must follow the hand with their eyes. The end result is that the stressful emotions that have played such a strong role in keeping a person from reaching their full potential are greatly reduced.

The eye reaction that a person has to the “waving” hand movements is an indication of stresses that are present in the mind of the person. By placing a thought or topic in the mind of the person during the test, their reactions can be gauged by the coach from the reaction to the hand movements. By focusing and working on the reaction, the improvement shown will be considered successful.

The net effect is that those who undergo this form of short term coaching will show a change in their emotions which enables them to better react and move forward, overcoming obstacles and initiating a strong change where they have no more fear of what might happen, but instead focus more fully on getting the task accomplished.

Wingwave is a rather simple, straightforward method that will work for mentally healthy individuals who want to get the most out of their abilities and achieve greater success in life. It is not psychotherapy, but it is a form of coaching that offers real results for all types of professionals, athletes and anyone wanting to overcome the challenges in their life.

When can a wingwave coach help?

Sports Coaching

• Prepare mentally for peak performance in tournaments or other important performances

• Process and overcome past defeats mentally and emotionally

Executive Coaching

• Effectively prepare for important and challenging conversations, speeches and presentations

• Resolve conflicts in the work environment

• Achieve work-life balance

Performance Coaching

Wingwave coaching offers the most effective mental preparation for any situation that is connected with how others perceive your performance such as:

• Exams and auditions

• Assessment centers

• Job interviews

• Public appearances

• Media interviews

Coaching to Increase Your Creativity

• Overcome mental blocks that interfere with your creativity

• Boost your creativity

• Stop the tendency to procrastinate

Coaching to Increase Your Inner Sense of Well-Being

• Increase your feeling of self-confidence

• Overcome phobias and anxieties such as test anxiety, fear of flying, stage fright, arachnophobia, dental treatment anxiety

• Reduce physical stress such as lack of sleep, jetlag, or fatigue

• Overcome family, marital, or partnership stress

• Deal with interpersonal disappointments or verbal mistreatment

• Learn to handle extreme food cravings and lose weight consequently

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