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Many busy professionals put off success coaching because they’re afraid of the time commitment. They fear weekly one-hour appointments stretching on indefinitely. Because of that fear, they miss out on the benefits of feedback from a professional coach on life, work and success issues.

Laser coaching removes the fear of long-term commitment. With laser coaching, clients hone down their concerns to one bite-sized piece that can be addressed in a single hour. Client and coach work intensively for one hour on that specific issue, and emerge with an action plan. No further sessions are necessary. Additional laser coaching on different topics can always be added without ongoing commitment.

Laser coaching works best in the following situations:

Situation #1: The client can narrowly define the behavior or obstacle and is clear about its impact. Because laser coaching has only one hour, there’s no time to dig into the past or uncover cause and effect. The client should come prepared with a clearly defined problem and objective. For example, a client who is fearful about pulling together a major presentation could meet with a coach to devise strategies for organizing and presenting the material, along with positive reinforcement techniques.

Situation #2: The problem involves interpersonal relationships such as a problem boss or a difficult colleague. Laser coaching can help develop skills for dealing with difficult people that manage conflict successfully. It deals with the here-and-now, not untangling long-standing patterns.

Situation #3: The problem is part of a larger issue that can be broken into smaller related pieces. For example, a client who fears public speaking may choose to deal with that fear over a series of laser coaching sessions spread out at her convenience as budget permits. One session might deal with techniques for speaking to a small group, while another session might cover body language and gestures. By breaking a big topic into smaller pieces, it’s possible to make progress without a long-term coaching commitment.

Situation #4: The client has one or two concerns but is otherwise confident about his/her life and career. If a client only needs help with one or two defined concerns, laser coaching makes sense as a time-efficient and cost-effective way to get results.

Situation #5: A client wants to check out a coach before making a long-term commitment. Starting with one or two laser coaching sessions is a great way to make sure you and the coach are a good fit.

By making coaching a defined project with a beginning, objective and clear end, laser coaching as a technique appeals to many busy professionals. Most importantly, laser coaching makes success coaching accessible to more people than ever before, helping professionals become more confident, productive and fulfilled.

Added: by Keysha Angel
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