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My doubts are replaced by faith!

Doubt is one of those emotions that creeps in on you slowly. It can come seemingly out of nowhere. Maybe it appears before you try something outside your comfort zone, after a job interview, an important test, or a first date. Allowing this doubt to fester and grow will not serve you. Instead, take this moment of doubt as an opportunity to practice mindfulness (connecting your heart with your mind, and not using your analytic mind).
Once we bring our heart in and connect to our soul, the doubt will fade away.
Replace it with trust and faith.

Instead of keeping thoughts of doubt, say cancel, clear, delete and then create more empowering and potent thoughts such as,
“ I am worthy and capable of doing what I put my heart and mind to”
“I am qualified for this job and will excel in it.”
“I am smart and was well prepared for that test.”
“I am so grateful to have had a lovely interaction with a nice person.”

Notice the difference your thoughts can make? Next time you are feeling doubt creep in switch that thought to one of faith by connecting with your heart and your mind and watch miracles begin to appear in your life!

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