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Gratitude is an important tool to keep in your spiritual toolbox. Through the power of gratitude, you’re able to deepen your connection to the Universe, raise your vibration, in more attract  more blessings and gifts from the Universe. 

If you struggle to stay in a state of gratitude or are ready to strengthen the foundation you have laid, this exercise is for you.

The Gratitude Train…

For this train, you’ll want:

  • a pen or pencil
  • a piece of paper or a journal
  • a quiet area, away from any noise or distraction

 Here the 9 steps to get on the Gratitude Train:

  1. Find a cozy spot you’ll be able to sit, contemplate, and write comfortably. 
  2. Begin by closing your eyes and taking a few lengthy, deep breaths to calm down your thoughts, relax your body, connect to spirit and your higher self.
  3. As you proceed to breathe deeply, with your eyes open or closed, begin to connect your consciousness to your palms and toes. Really feel your power as it travels out of your coronary heart to your palms; out of your coronary heart to your toes, grounding you into the earth. 
  4. Once you really feel grounded and prepared, begin to make an inventory of ten things you might be grateful for from 2021. They could be big events such as; getting a promotion at work, coming into money, or meeting your soulmate. Or, they are often smaller things, like reducing sugar out of your diet, making it to all of your daughter’s basketball games, responding extra mindfully in your day-to-day activities, and even, meditating every single day.
  5. Audibly give thanks to the Universe for each of these events you have listed.
  6. Now, write down at least 5 objectives or intentions for the remainder of the year and create a personal affirmation to go along with each goal. 
  7. Repeat these affirmations aloud with your eyes shut, hand over your heart, and finish with deep breaths,
  8. As you breathe, begin to visualize these objectives/intentions as if they are currently a part of your reality. Think about how these things make you feel and the energy they bring into your life.
  9. Conclude the train by expressing gratitude to the Universe. For example: “Expansive Universe/Supply/God/Allah/Buddha/Mother Earth, I wish to thank you for your love, blessings, and help all through this past year. As I head into the end of 2021, please continue to guide, support, and love me, so I’ll live every single day in accordance with my life’s objective. Assist me to open myself to the blessings of the Universe, in order that my objectives/intentions might manifest for my highest good and all of humanity.

Whenever you feel yourself needing a boost of gratitude or wish to reconnect with your greatest goals, revisit this practice as often as you need.