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My name is Keysha Angel,
and I believe we’re all spiritual beings, with unlimited potential.


I am here to help you unleash yours.


My name is Keysha Angel,
and I believe we are all spiritual beings, with unlimited potential.


I am here to help you unleash yours.


After 20 years working in the corporate world, with half of that time spent with a Fortune 500 company, I have created a successful sales career. However, it made me reflect on what elements of the corporate world I enjoy and made me realize and feel a connection to serving others.

I realized that the impact I was making at these corporations was more than what I brought to the table from my education. It was my wisdom, daily spiritual practices, and energy that allowed me to make a difference, and I felt good knowing that I didn’t have to separate the two.  

Although I still work in and enjoy being in corporate, I knew that I had a responsibility to reach more people. In 2013, I sought out to be a life coach to expand my spiritual energy beyond the corporate world.

Now I also work with high-achieving women to help them find the bridge between their spirituality and building greater success.


We’re all one, we’re all connected.

I knew with an awareness that I was different and with this feeling came a strong yearning to know why I am here on Earth, what is my purpose…

It was by means of self discovery, listening to my inner voice and my own spiritual journey, that I understood I was meant to help and assist other individuals navigate their spiritual paths.

“Be the change you need to see on the planet” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

You see, it’s with our uniqueness and individual gifts that we have the power to create a greater world. How would I do that? By sharing my spiritual energy with others.  

I am both a student and teacher of life. It’s through my experiences and knowledge that I guide others on how to view life more simplistically, while bringing extra love, peace, forgiveness, and stability into their lives.

Are you ready to deepen your spiritual understanding? I’m right here to assist you in your spiritual path. Click here to learn how you can work with me.


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