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“Mother nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, to nurture one’s soul.”

When was the first time you spent some time with Mother Nature? Getting outside and grounding ourselves with the earth doesn’t have to be a big event. A walk around your neighborhood, or reading a book in the backyard, or if it’s cold where you live, maybe connect with an indoor plant or play nature sounds from YouTube. These are all simple ways to enjoy nature inside or outside.

While outside take in all of the amazing, natural gifts mother nature has given us. Show gratitude and appreciation for the beauty that is all around you. The more you take in the simple, everyday moments in nature the more you will begin to see the pure love that exists and miracles that are always present in Mother Nature.

This weekend I invite you to spend some time in nature, or if it is too cold outdoors connect with a plant indoors. No matter how long or short, enjoy the beauty and grounding energy mother nature has to offer.

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