Heal Your Life Coaching

Heal Your Life CoachingHeal Your Life Coaching

Authorized by Hay House, Approved by Louise Hay

heal your life coachingSpiritual Life Coaching will help you to make changes in your life, show you that you have the strength within you to do anything you put your mind to and how to tap into the solutions and answers that are within you!


I am a Licensed Heal Your Life ® Coach and Heal Your Life ® Workshop Teacher. A Heal Your Life ® Coach is like a gardener of peoples’ lives, weeding, nurturing, and nourishing his or her clients, encouraging them to grow in their own way and bloom in their own colours.


While much of the Heal Your Life ® Coaching is the same as Life Coaching in other coaching programs, there some important differences. One of the fundamentals of Louise Hay’s work is that loving yourself is part of the solution, regardless of the part of your life you want to change.


“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” – Louise Hay

In addition, this is spiritual philosophy, so we know there is a Power and Presence within us that guides and directs us – we don’t have to do all the work! We utilise various spiritual tools such as meditation, visualisation and affirmations as part of our coaching practice.


With this style of coaching it really includes the heart along with the mind, body and spirit in order to connect all the pieces of a person, to bring about a greater understanding as to what one is trying to achieve.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Keysha will:

  • Support you as you continue to grow and become more of who you already are
  • Help you to think positively and increase the authenticity of your life
  • Discuss and support how you will achieve your goals
  • Assist you to take action to achieve your goals
  • Encourage you to move past your fears and limiting thoughts/beliefs
  • Motivate you to think for yourself, by understanding your beliefs and behaviours
  • Remind you to love yourself, (be gentle and nurture yourself)
  • Teach you to use your voice and speak your truth

“This all leads to Personal Mastery = Self Growth, Business and Career Success”


“Inspiring you to be confident and reach your soul potential!”




Heal Your Life ® Coaching Session: 


Contact me to schedule your Heal Your Life ® Coaching Session either via Skype, In Person or Telephone, and begin to change your life. Heal Your Life ® Coaching Packages are also available, simply send me an email to find out more.

  • 3 sessions per month (45mins per session). For a minimum 3 month period.  
  • Group Coaching packages available

Payments are made via Paypal, send your payment to: keytherese@gmail.com

Put yourself first and invest in YOU!

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