About Keysha Angel

keysha-about-angels “Out of Many, One People”

My name is Keysha Angel and I believe we are all spiritual beings, with unlimited potential.


My Background


I attended the University of Toronto and received a Bachelor of Arts with a Specialist in Management and Economics.

I have been working in the Corporate world for over 17 years.


I have built a successful sales career, I  worked for 8 years with IBM one of the top Fortune 500 Information Technology Service companies’ in Canada, worth $142.7 Billion. Then since that I have been working in the Telecommunications Industry for the last 9 years first in Bermuda and now in the Cayman Islands.


keysha angel heal your life coachI always felt a strong connection to helping others and as I started my Corporate career many years ago,  I began thinking on a deeper level, wondering what is my life purpose, there has to be a greater meaning to life. As I reflected over the years, the answer came through to me that I am here to help others’ with their lives and be of service. So I hung on to this answer for years with a quiet knowing. Then I decided I should become a coach and teacher of life, inspiring others’ to be confident and reach their true potential.


keysha angelWhere Was I Born


The place of paradise that was chosen for me to start my beautiful journey was exotic Jamaica (the land of wood and water and our motto “Out of Many, One People”).


At the time, I did not realize it, however this motto resonates so deeply within me and it is the foundation for my journey that goes along with my belief that we are all one, we are all connected.


I knew with an awareness that I was different and with this feeling came a strong yearning to know why I am here on Earth, what is my life purpose…


It was through self discovery, listening to my inner voice and my spiritual awakening journey, that the light switch went on and I understood that I was invited here to help people with their lives.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


You see, it is with our uniqueness and differences that we can help to bring about changes for a better world. How would I do this?


keysha angel bookWell, I am a student and teacher of life. It is through my experiences and wisdom that I teach and share with all human citizens how to see life with a view of simplicity, in order to bring more love, peace, forgiveness, harmony and balance to our lives.

I am here to teach, share and help you on your spiritual path.


My New Miracle Book


My New Book ‘The (For)Giving Miracle by Keysha Angel’ is coming soon. To be the first to hear about release dates, please join my mailing list.


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